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Kaitlyn's Grandfather's brother, Bobby, and Fuzzy, their family dog.

Kaitlyn's Great Great Grandfather, Carl, with Boots, the family dog.

Kaitlyn's Grandparents, Bernie and Trish, with her mother, Regina, and Misty, their first of many German Shepherds.

Kaitlyn's Aunt Donna getting the family dog, Larry, to show off his sitting up skill.

Kaitlyn's mom and Aunt Lisa and with Misty and Kelly.

Larry's future's so bright, he had to wear shades.

Gpa Bernie and Gma Trish With Magi.

Aunt Donna worked with both dogs and cats.

Kaitlin's mom and dad with their first family pet, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen welcomes Jasmine to the family.

Aberdeen and Jasmine welcome baby Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn and Jasmine growing up together.

The growing Russ family with their latest addition, Mariah.


Beanz, Kaitlyn's first pet.

Mariah's puppies including Bella, with whom the family could not part.

Mariah and Bella love the water.

Gma and Gpa's Shepherds, Zuri and Brock.

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