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healthy pet food Buffalo, New York

Good food for

  a healthy pet and     a happy owner

Purely Pets Lancaster, New York

  We carry a variety of USA made foods and treats! 

Have a sensitive pet?


We have holistic and grain-free foods and treats for sensitive pets.  Whether  it is for a cat or a dog, a skin or a stomach issue, we have something for every pet's special needs!

We have spent our whole lives loving and caring for pets here at Purely Pets.  While people typically think that the only way to help improve an animal's health is through their veterinarian, here at Purely Pets, we also believe that nutrition is a large part of keeping your pets happy and healthy.  Purely Pets is a family-owned and operated pet store which puts your pet's health first by carrying all-natural foods and treats to help ensure that they live a long and healthy life.  We research everything that we bring into the store to make sure we carry only the best for your family pet.  Open since April of 2016, Purely Pets promises to bring you top of the line products to keep your pet happy and healthy.

-The Russ Family

Getting to know us

Store Hours:

Sunday : Closed

Monday : Closed

Tuesday - Friday : 11AM - 6PM

Saturday : 10AM - 4PM 

We do special orders so feel free to stop by or contact us if you'e looking for something specific!

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